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We are currently updating our website with new testimonials from our couples.

Antiwan & Tamika

We are so grateful to have been gifted with the friendship, mentorship and inspiration of the McKenzie's! They allowed God to use them in ministry to teach us and push us to transition into a "Kingdom Mindset" for our marriage and family. After taking their "Preparing for Marriage" class we were so full and inspired to share what we learned. They played an instrumental part in the birth of our marriage ministry. We hold them very dear and close to our heart.


May God continue to bless the work of your hands! May you always rest in the abundance of his grace and favor!!


We love you!
The Decaturs

Jason & Ayana Johnson_edited.jpg
Jason & Ayana


“The mediocre mentor tells. The good mentor explains. The superior mentor demonstrates. The greatest mentor inspires!”



When we re-connected with Pastor and First Lady McKenzie our marriage was in a mediocre phase. We had no direction and what was once great was falling apart. 


We are just so grateful for there anointing, there straightforwardness, there feedback, tough love and honesty. Not only have they mentored and counseled us to a greater place in our marriage, but their marriage is a demonstration and inspiration of what we can achieve together.  As the Migo’s would say, “they walk it like they talk it!” I pray God continues to build an extraordinary foundation amongst your marriage and you both continue to bless the marriages of others! 



Be Blessed, 


The Johnson’s

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